Monday, February 2, 2009

5 Keys to Building Productive Relationships in Business

It's easier to market your services to those you've built a relationship with. So how do you build productive relationships in business? Here are five keys:

1. Seek to understand the person you are building the relationship with. Find out what their interests are outside of business.

2. Pay attention to the little things. Say please and thank you; be kind and respectful. Neglecting these little things can do much to damage a relationship.

3. Keep your promises. Breaking a promise or commitment destroys trust.

4. Clarify expectations. Make sure you clearly understand their expectations and that they understand yours.

5. Be quick to apologize. If you make a mistake or are late, be quick to apologize.

Applying these five keys can help you build productive business relationships.

What have you done to build productive relationships in business?

1 comment:

Collette Schultz said...

As a parent I call this practicing what I preach. Thanks for the little reminder:)