Friday, January 30, 2009

Your Marketing Plan for 2009

Have you created a marketing plan for 2009? If you haven't yet, take some time to do so before another month goes by.

Your plan doesn't have to be long and complicated. It can be one page and address a few items such as:

1. Your marketing goals
2. The purpose of your plan
3. Your target market
4. The specific marketing weapons you will use
5. Your marketing budget

Then create a marketing calendar. Again, keep it simple. Create a simple spreadsheet with 12 rows, one for each month, and four columns. The four columns will be:

1. Each month of the year
2. The marketing weapon you will use
3. How you will implement your marketing weapon
4. A grade - yes give yourself a grade to see how effective that specific strategy worked.

Once you do this you'll have a plan in place and an easy way to see at the end of the year what worked and what did. You'll be well on your way to an even better plan for 2010.

What's your marketing plan for 2009?

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