Thursday, February 12, 2009

Article Marketing in 2009

Because we're in a recession, it doesn't mean that we stop marketing. It means we NEED to market smarter. Here are 3 New Years Resolutions for 2009:

1. Start writing articles on a weekly basis. Put them on
your website, on your blog and in your newsletters.
Put them into your notes on Facebook and post them for
your friends to see. And, submit your articles to the
top websites, ezines and article directories in your
niche. Don't forget to tweet about your awesome
placements to get even more people viewing your

2. Turn your articles into videos and post them on
YouTube and other video sites.

3. Turn your articles into special reports, ebooks, e-
courses, home-study courses and more to create
multiple streams of income.

By writing articles, you will open many doors to many different opportunities. But you have to start writing articles on a consistent basis. To help you get started check out my instant article writing templates at

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Richard Butler said...

At this point in time,I guess article marketers need to somehow change their ways of doing business. Instead of merely posting articles, why not combine them all and publish an ebook or report that can be sold even in a minimal amount right?