Friday, September 11, 2009

Focusing on a Niche Means More Profit

We're coaching a virtual assistant right now helping her to clearly define her target market. She feels that her business will make money doing administrative work for small business owners, male or female, ages 25-60. Great! So every business owner from 25-60 should be knocking down her doors, right? Wrong!

There are now many virtual assistants providing all kinds of services to business owners in many industries. Why should they choose this virtual assistant over another one? What makes her and her services unique?

However, by focusing on a niche market, you can narrow your target market and the probability of being found - thereby creating more profit to your business as a virtual assistant.

Creating a niche market means knowing exactly who to market your services to. Your prospects will more readily find you because you've identified that they are who you want to work with.

What niche have you created in your virtual assistant business and how has it increased your profit?


Collette Schultz said...

As always you ask great questions Sue. My niche is subcontracting for other Virtual Assistants. Not only does it make my profits grow because I learn to work more effeciently from other experts but it allows those experts to profit as well. They're able to gain and retain more of the virtual clients.

Sue said...

I'm glad to see you've been able to narrowly define a niche and realize profits from that.