Monday, October 12, 2009

Sell an Outcome

I recently read some information about marketing that I found very interesting. It's important to market in order to grow our businesses. If we are doing the same old thing we have been doing to market our business, it becomes stagnant and our business does not grow.

The thought I found interesting was instead of selling or marketing the service, let's sell an outcome. Instead of saying "I provide administrative services", say "I save service providers time and money".

This is an important mind shift for many. Prospects and clients need to understand what outcome they can expect from using our products and services.

How do you sell an outcome?

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spinhead said...

I've been moving toward this model for pricing: instead of selling hours, which are limited (and which, for me, have to be charged at $200 or more to make sense) I sell outcomes. Describe exactly what my client needs to have, tell them how much it will cost to deliver that outcome, and pull the trigger.

Selling outcomes makes sense from the marketing perspective you mention; people don't care about features (what the service does) they care about benefits: what the service does for them.