Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do You Publish a Newsletter?

Particulalry to an online business owner, publishing a newsletter is an important online marketing strategy. When prospects first visit your website, they don't yet know you, your services, or how you do business. Prospects need to learn more about who you are and what you do so they can become comfortable with you and come to trust you.

A regular newsletter helps your prospects get to know you and then they will be more likely to use your services and become your client. Of course, this requires that your information is dispensed on a regular basis and that it is valuable.

Tips for a Newsletter

1. Your prospects need to know you are an expert in your field. Use your newsletter to reflect your expertise. Includes tips, articles and ideas your prospects can use and pass along.

2. In addition to valuable information and tips, use your newsletter to promote your products and services by including links back to your website. Be careful not to use your newsletter solely to promote your products and services. Be sure there's a reason your prospects want to keep getting your newsletter by including valuable information they can use.

3. Do you know what products or services your clients and prospects want? Create surveys to use in your newsletter to solicit feedback on new products and services you could offer.

Do you publish a newsletter? If you need help getting started, drop me a line.

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