Friday, November 21, 2008

Building Loyal Customer Relationships Online

Building customer relationships is key to word-of-mouth referrals. Once your clients trust you and believe in your services, they willingly promote your business to people they know. So what are some ways you can build loyal customer relationships online?

One way is to write articles and give away some of your information. Give your prospects a reason to trust you by giving them something of value for free. Then watch them line up to purchase your services. You can also give them a free report, e-book, video, or audio to download when they sign up for your newsletter. Once your prospect learns more about you and your business in this manner, the more likely they are to feel a sense of trust in what you have to offer.

No one wants to get continuous sales pitches about why they should buy from you. However, prospects love to get tips, advice, and information. Communicate valuable information to prospects and build their trust in your expertise. Find out what your prospects want and then create marketing messages that appeal to those wants.

Repeat customers spend more than new customers. So stay in touch and give your customers something of value. Send a coupon or a notice of a special event. Send tips or a special report with information they can use. Keep in touch with your customers and they will be back.

What have you done to build your customer relationships online?

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